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Dandy's Journal revisited

15 years ago today, Dandy had more to say about the washing machine.

Where do I start?
Aug. 18th, 2005 at 9:08 AM

First of all, the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head went out, but the other one stayed at home. Shortly after he left, some more 2-foots arrived to bring back the big white thing that makes all our blankets wet, but when they got it here, they said that it could not be used as the drayn was blocked (anybun know what a drayn is?). Anyway, when the 2-foot with no fur on the top of his head came home, he got out a special vacuum monster, and started sucking some AWFUL smelly stuff from behind the white thing it smelled even worse than the 2-foots (and that's saying something!). Anyway, it all seems to be working fine now...
On another subject, I am very pleased that I have been promised some pour-ridge oats from members of the Bunny-Mint. It's nice to know that you hold your Pry-Minister in such high esteem.
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Aug. 18th, 2005 09:39 am (local)
Smell worse than 2foots!!!! Gosh that must have been very smellie. A drayn --- mmmmmmm --- nope we have no idea. Perhaps it is where all smellie stuff goes as you say it was blocked.

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:52 am (local)
Hi Dandy

We have wrapped up your food parcel but we are now trying to work out how to send it to you as the seagulls we normally use say its just too heavy to carry.

Willow and Casper

Aug. 19th, 2005 08:50 am (local)
There is a bird called Albert that you need to look out for. His full name is Albert Ross. He is a very big bird and will manage it easily

Aug. 19th, 2005 10:13 am (local)
Re: Albert
Om we will look out for him, if you see him please send him our way.

Aug. 18th, 2005 05:12 pm (local)
Wow - that must have been STINKY! Yuck!

Aug. 19th, 2005 12:42 am (local)
Stinky buck 2foot Phew!!!!

Watch out for the sticky bum, from all the Pour-ridge oats :-) Just ask Millie-Bun-Bun-Bun :-)

Love to all

Millie-Millie-Millie-Millie Bun-Bun-Bun-Bun

What a commotion
Aug. 18th, 2005 at 9:06 AM

Yesterday I kept well out of the way when the men brought the big white thing back.. EVERYTHING STANK
Current Mood: distressed

Aug. 18th, 2005 09:36 am (local)
... why? Why did everythink sink?

Aug. 18th, 2005 10:50 am (local)
We don't blame you Millie after all you are a posh bun!

Aug. 18th, 2005 05:10 pm (local)
Did the 2foots stink or the clothes?

Aug. 19th, 2005 12:39 am (local)
We have meet them in the fur, the doe smells nice, BUT the buck Phew!!!!!

Love to all

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