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An Important Matter

Now that we have the Bunny-Mint up and running again, it is time to turn our attention to the rainbow chamber who with the exception of Melster & Bunny-Bunny have been very quiet of late.

As everybun knows, I am Pry-Minister (and therefore boss) of the Bunny-Mint, well it's time for us to appoint a boss for the rainbow chamber too.

I would like to nominate the following buns (although other nominations are welcome).

1. Flopsy Girl - My best girl who was chance-seller before she crossed the rainbow bridge.

2. Bunny-Bunny - a wise old bun from across the big pond

3. Melster - because I won't get any peace if I leave him out

4. Blackberry Bunny - Flopsy Girls sister

5. Violet - Queen of the Ebony Eyes rainbow bridge buns.

5. Bramble - As she will sulk if she is left out.

I would really like to hear your opinions then we can all agree on who is best for the job.

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