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Thursday is a particularly satisfying day. It has many things going for it. For one thing, just like every other day it involves breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite morning meal as it lasts until lunchime when it's time for lunch. Lunch is my favourite afternoon meal as it lasts until it is time for dinner. Dinner is my favourite evening meal as it lasts until it is time to go to sleep.

The really good thing about Thursday though is that it has taught all of the other days to behave in exactly the same way so the meals on all of the other days are pretty much the same.

Thursday is also good as it comes before Friday, and after Wednesday. What is particularly remarkable though is it manages to do this every single week without fail, so I give it 10/10 for consistency.

Best of all though is that it reminds me of my Flopsy Girl. This is because she was the furriest fluffiest bun ever, so fursday reminds me of days full of fur and my best girl.

Millie on the other hand is more of a Wednesday bun, hence "Black Wednesday".

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