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Scoot has received two nominations for the order of the carrot, and I am glad to say that I agree, and it therefore gives me great pleasure to bestow the award upon him.

Secondly, Millie has received two nominations for an award of some kind. Well this one is more difficult, as Millie has not done anything that would fall into the categories that the awards were set up for. I have therefore decided that we need to have an award for buns that have a good nature, but have not done anything really special, but feel left out. So I have created the K.B.E. which stands for Kind but envious. Millie Bun is the first recipient of this award.

Finally, it has been suggested that the 2 buns rescued by the Hairy Mob should have some kind of award. I have thought long and hard about this, and I'm afraid I have to disagree. Yes they have had a very tough time, but their reward is a far more practical one. Due to the bravery of the Hairy Mob, their reward will be a much happier and better life.

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