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Not only did we have all day to ourselves yesterday to do WHATEVER we wanted to do, but when our pet 2-foots came home from their training by the hairy mob, THEY BROUGHT US A NEW TOY!!!!

It's a wooden wheely thing (we had one before but we ate it), and we are REALLY looking forward to playing with it.

We will be watching the 2-foots very carefully for the next few days to see how well they have remembered their training. So far, all our food has been properly served, and we have had lots of fuss made of us so at least they have got off to a good start.

I understand that my 2-foots were given a sneak preview of Scoot's autobiography They say it is very good, however they have not seen his new book. This is because they would have got bored reading it, as it cannot possibly be as good as mine! My book is coming along very well, as it's a slow process writing it. I mean, you know how difficult it is getting the right keys with your paws, and I want to make sure that there are lots of pages!

Any way. Must go, I hear the rustle of pour-ridge oats...

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