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I'm still not sure

Thank you all for your contributions to the debate yesterday. I'm happy to say that we didn't need to eject anybun for shouting "nonsense" as you all took the subject very seriously.

We still seem to have a problem though. There appears to be a small majority in favour of stand up ears, but some prefer floppy ears, and some are like me and can't make their minds up and suggest that it's up to the wearer as to whether they wear their ears up or down.

I'm afraid that the last argument just doesn't work. My ears simply refuse to go sideways. I can swivel them, I can point them forward or back, and I can lay them flat, they do however refuse to flop.

Millie Bun on the other hand can kind of stand her ears up for short periods, but she can't keep them up for long, and she can't swivel them like I can. I'm beginning to think that Bucks (being the most important) should have stand up ears, as they can use them to listen out for danger, and that Does can have floppy ears if they want to as floppy ears are girly.

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