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The Bunny Mint

Two pieces of Bunny-Mint business.

1. There will be 2 minutes silence for the passing of Oliver from The Hairy Mob to the Rainbow Bridge, followed by a huge party to celebrate his life!

2. I need to announce the results of the votes regarding the preference for uppitty ears, or lop ears... I have counted ALL of the individual votes, but where somebun has voted and claimed to be voting in favour of a whole group of buns, I have only counted their votes as ONE! I don't know any group of buns that can agree on anything, so I just don't believe it when somebun says this is our vote, and by the way there are 30 of us so count it 30 times!

The results are as follows....

Bucks should have upright ears - votes for = 7. Votes against = 2, so this one is carried

Does should have floppy ears - votes for = 7. Votes against = 2, so this one is also carried.

Upright ears are best - votes for = 6. Votes against = 3, so this one is also carried

Which all goes to prove that I was right all along (as usual)

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