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It's nice to encourage a young bun

I am no longer as young as I was. I will be four years old on 1st December. When I first left Bunny Camp and came to live here with my Flopsy Girl, I always had her to advise me, as she was older than I was. After Flopsy Girl left for the Rainbow Bridge, I arranged to visit Bunny Camp again to see if there was another doe, not to take the place of Flopsy Girl (nobun could do that), but to keep me company and to help me to cope with my grief.

I soon found that Millie Bun was such a ball of fire that I had no time to be sad. She was just the kick in the scut that I needed to stop me feeling sorry for myself. The best thing though, is that Millie Bun is younger than me, so I am now the one that gives all of the advice.

The crowning glory though is that she now has her own journal. The great thing about this is that whenever she is writing, she is not eating, which leaves all of the food for me!

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