March 21st, 2003

Arwen and Fizz


It seems that the 2 foots have been getting heated about if it's ok to keep us buns locked up in cages when they are not around (not that it applies to me of course, because as you all know, I can get out of our cage, which is how I manage to use the computer when the 2 foots are out).

The thing is, sometimes it's ok, and sometimes it isn't. Take our cage for example. It's in a quiet corner of the hall, it's big enough to play in, and it's a nice place to go back to when you need to chill out. Even when the 2 foots are around, and the cage is left open, we often hop into the hall, and spend some time there. It's like a kind of refuge that's all ours, and while there is plenty of room in it for us, it's too small for the 2 foots. I'm sure though that there must be lots of house-buns who live in cages that are much too small, that are in unsuitable places, or that are not let out as often as we are, so I guess there are no universal answers.......
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