March 31st, 2003

Arwen and Fizz


Sometimes things are kinda creepy around here. I've not mentioned this before, but every so often, I sort of see a fash of something black out of the corner of my eye. Iv'e not mentioned this before, not even to Flopsy Girl, in case she thought I was a bit strange. This morning though, it happened again, and I thought that I also heard scampering feet going upstairs, so finally, I plucked up courage and asked Flopsy if she saw anything too. Flopsy just smiled, and said "Don't worry Dandy. Do you remember when you first came here, I told you about my sister Blackberry who had just died? Well what you keep seeing and hearing is her spirit. Just after she died, even the 2 foots heard her a couple of times, but now they don't hear her any more, but we do".

I think that knowing Blackberry is somehow still around helps Flopsy a lot. She must have been a very special bunny, because the 2 foots still talk about her a lot, and sometime when they do, Chris cries. I think that I would have liked to know Blackberry Bunny.

P.S. My friend Biccy is have an op today. Good luck!
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    Richard Thompson - Ghosts in the wind.