April 11th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

I KNEW something was happening!

Tuesday was ok. We didn't get out to play until late, as the 2 foots decided to go out, and didn't get home until 11:30. It was ok when they did get home though, Chris stayed downstairs with us, so we got to play out ALL NIGHT!

The problems started though at about 4am, when Paul came downstairs, with a bag, and after pottering round for a bit, he went out, the problem was, before he did, he moved the chair in front of the computer, so I could not hop on to it to get to the keyboard! Still I thought, it's not too bad, when he comes in tonight, he'll move the chair back, and there will not be a problem... Trouble was, he did not come back. He did not come home until almost midnight yesterday, so that by the time he went to his computer, it was our bedtime, and I'm too nervous about opening the cage & using it when they are in bed, in case they hear me.

The food has been good this week though. Chris gives us those bags of salad from the supermarket that have all the different leaves & herbs in. We both REALLY enjoy those....
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