May 21st, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

Oh that Flopsy

Flopsy Girl is having a woman's thing at the moment. One minute, she's snuggling up, and grooming me, and being all nice, the next thing you know, she's occupying the litter tray so I can't use it, and just sitting there stamping her foot!

I know what her game is though. As I am a particularly handsome bun, and am quite happy to be picked up and stroked, the 2 foots pay me lots of well deserved attention. Flopsy on the other hand runs a mile whenever they approach her, but the thing is, when they pick me up and stroke me, she gets jealous. Take the other night for example. My pet 2 foot was on his hands and knees (that's how I like him), stroking me, when along comes Flopsy Girl, runs up, pushes his had out of the way, and starts grooming me! as much as to say he's mine, leave him alone. Oh to be in such demand.......
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