August 1st, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

She's Home!!!!!!

I've been biting my claws all day worring about Flopsy Girl, although I'll give my 2-foot his due, he has taken me everywhere with him today so that I would not be on my own. He has been sawing and hammering and fastening things to the front of the house, but I was right there with him to inspect his work, and to make sure that he did everything properly. Later on, we went in the back garden to play, and then he gave me a great big basket of food to eat, but without Flopsy Girl being there, it was just not any fun..... BUT when it got to about 5pm, my 2-foot said "Dandy, I'm just going out for a while", and when he came back, HE HAD FLOPSY GIRL WITH HIM!!!!!!!!

Flopsy Girl is still a bit woozy from the anasthetic, but I've been licking her a lot, and we have been snuggling up together, it's just SO nice to have her home.
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