August 11th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz


This morning, I was terrified! At about 10am, the sky went completely black, then there were huge flashes, and really loud bangs. Even Flopsy Girl was scared. What made things even worse was, both of our 2-foots were out, so they could not make it go away. Wose still (yes it gets worse still), it rained heavier than I have ever seen in my life! So I tought now there's NO chance of going in the garden.....

The 2 foots came home at about 4pm, and by now the rain had stopped, and the sun had come out, and guess what? They took us straight ou into the garden, and we stayed out for 4 hours, in fact we have only just come back in, and now my 2-foot is getting us a HUGE basket of vegies!!!!!!!
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