August 21st, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

I'll be back

Those damn 2-foots, you just can't trust them! They both got dressed up this morning & left the house, and BOTH said "we won't be too long". Well let me tell you, they were gone ALL DAY! apparently, they went out to look round some shops (a waste of time that was, they did not bring any treats back with them), and while they were out, they had some luch, and then they went to some place called the cinema. Now I don't know what this cinema place is, but it seems to have brainwashed them. They've been saying really weird things since they got back, like "Asta La Vista Baby", and "I'll be back". Of course they'll be back, they ALLWAYS come back, it's just that sometimes they take too damn long about it.
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