September 15th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

Extra Carrots

I'm very pleased to report that we got the extra carrots (sometimes I'd SWEAR that my 2-foot actually reads this journal, you know I'm sure that he understands every word that I say!). When the 2- foots came home on Saturday, one of them stayed up with us ALL NIGHT, so we got to play and play and play. Sunday was a nice day too, and although the 2-foots went out for the afternoon, we were left to play out in the house.

Apparently, one of the 2-foots (the one with the fur on top of her head) had a birthday yesterday. Flopsy Girl says that they are a lot older than us, and that they may even be 10 or even 15 years old, can you imagine that? I didn't know they could live that long.
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