November 5th, 2003



Hello Everybun:

Flopsy here again. Thank yo to all the buns who have sent messages about Dandy. I know that my 2-foots are very worried about him. I was very lonely without Dandy yesterday, and even last night when my 2-foots really tried to keep me company, I could not help feeling sad. I could not bear it if anything was to happen to my Dandy Boy, it was bad enough when my sister Blackberry went to the bridge, but what I have with Dandy is special, I just don't know what I would do without him.

I know that my 2-foots are calling the vets this morning some time, but I won't see them until tonight. If any of you hear anything in the meantime about how my Dandy is, please will you let me know?

All my Love


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