December 7th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

The Hairy Mob

The 2-foots are now on their way to the Bunny Camp (after giving us a treat stick of course), so that leaves me and Flopsy Girl free to play. I thought that I would check out the Hairy Mob's diary at

Well as usual, one or two of them are under the weather, so send please them your best wishes. It's amazing though how bright and bubbly they all are! especially when you hear how old some of them are. It makes you realise just how important it is to choose your pet 2-foot's carefully. So please remember, if you were thinking of giving somebun a 2-foot as a Christmas present, that A 2-FOOT IS FOR LIFE, NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS! It is a big responsibility taking on a 2-foot, they need constant care and attention, and they can be extremely unpredictable, so rather that risk choosing a dud, you would be better buying something like a carrot.
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