December 15th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

Flopsy Girl goes for it....

We had an extra specially good time this weekend. The 2-foots let us stay ut all night on Friday, AND Saturday nights! I made the most of the extra time by working on the cardboard playhouse. We now have skylights in the roof on both sides, and with Flopsy Girl's help, I have enlarged one of the upstairs openings to make it easier to jump in and out of.
However, all good things must come to an end, so when it got past midnight last night, I was not at all surprised to hear the 2-foots announce "Bunny Bed Time". I hopped off straight away, as I KNEW there would br carrots (and there were) waiting in the condo. Flopsy Girl however had not finished partying, and she led the 2-foots such a dance as you would not believe! She ran in and out of the playhouse, she ran upstairs and down, she ran out of the playhouse and jumped in and out of our bunny chair, then back in the playhouse... Eventually, the 2-foots caught her though, and carried her back to the condo. By which time of course, I had eaten all the best bits of carrot.....
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