December 18th, 2003

Arwen and Fizz

The 2-foots are back

Well after all of the trauma of being left to fend for ourselves, the 2-foots eventually came back. First of all the one with no fur on top of his head came home, and groomed and fed us, and generally made a big fuss of us. I was going to poo in one of his shoes, but he never took them off. Finally, the other one came back, and she had obviously been punished for leaving us alone, as she had been made to go to the pub, so as you can imagine, she was rather worse for wear when she came home.
It must be odd being a 2-foot, I mean currently, they are spending the whole time "getting ready for Christmas". So what is there to get ready for? All they need to do is to get us lots of treats and presents, surely that does not take any organising? Why can't they be as intelligent as we are?
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