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January 14th, 2004

Not as easy as it looks.......

Well everybun. I started this year with high hopes of reading all about what my friends were doing, as several of them now have diaries and journals. TiGgEr and the gang


are doing a great job with their diary, they make an entry most days, and there is always something interesting going on.

Bramble and the pack


started well, but they have not updated their live journal since Friday. This is particularly disappointing, as they don't live very far away from me and Flopsy Girl, so I hoped that we could get to be really close friends, and as for The Hairy Mob


We have not had an update since 2nd January, and let's face it, there's enough of them to be making entries every hour on the hour!

I can only conclude that they have all realised that my journal is the original and best, and all they can ever hope to do is to stand in my shadow. That said, I'm sure that nobun expects their diaries to be as good as mine (there is only one Dandy after all), and I'm sure that none of us would be too hard on them for their shortcomings.

So come on you lot, GET WRITING!


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