January 24th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Now What!

They are at it again! The 2-foots are being weird. One of them stayed at home all day yesterday, which was fine, as we had lots of attention, but the other one brought lots of wooden boxes with knobs on downstairs, and took them outside and put them in the big silver box with wheels on. Then he brought that odd wooden box with the wires stretched across it that makes an awful noise, and took that out too. We did not see him again until 2am, when he brought all the stuff back again!

I talked to Flopsy girl about it, and we think that the 2-foot had decided to get rid of all this stuff (as it makes such an awful noise), and that he must have been trying to dump it. We think though that not all 2-foots can be as stupid as ours, and that the other 2-foots would not let him leave the stuff anywhere near them, and that in the end, he had to give it up as a bad job, and bring it all home again.

What a waste of time. What he should have done was spend the time with me and Flopsy Girl, that would have been MUCH better all round.
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