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January 30th, 2004

Still no beans

The food situation is still dire, there are still no beans, and the parsley is the curly stuff, not the flat leaf kind which is much nicer. On a brighter note though, the snow has almost all melted, so I HOPE that the food supplies will start to come through from the Sainsbury's allotment. I can only guess that the food supplies are so scarce because my 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head) is having trouble finding all of the best stuff underneath the snow.

On another subject, I was reading the Hairy Mob's Journal at http://www.livejournal.com/~thehairymob/
Violet was saying that she has found out what an Indian is (if you have been reading recent entries, you will know that we have been discussing 2-foot food). Well, anyway, Violet says that she has found out that an Indian is a person who lives in another country, and that he wears a turban on his head. We have thought about this, and Flopsy Girl is not sure that Violet is right. For one thing, If the 2-foots had to go to another country to get their food, it would not be still warm when they got it home, and for another thing, Flopsy Girl is sure that she has seen an Indian on the light up box that the 2-foots have in the corner, and Flopsy says that the Indian she saw had feathers on top of his head, and he was sitting on top of a really big animal that was running very fast, and that this Indian had bits of wood in his hand that he was throwing at some other 2-foots called Cowboys.

All this has left us both very confused. It would seem that just when you think that you are beginning to understand what is going on with the 2-foots, something happens to make you even more confused than you were in the first place!


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