February 8th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Famous (again)

Well dear readers.... today is all that it should be. Both 2-foots are at home and in attendance, we have had some toast for breakfast, and Flopsy Girl is looking more alluring than ever!

We have been working on the cardboard house, and have installed a skylight which looks pretty damn good!

Speaking of the cardboard house, if you think you would like one, then direct your 2-foot to:-
While you are there, click on Gallery, and then click on designers gallery. There is of course only one design good enough to be there, and it's ours! There is a really nice picture where you can see both me and Flopsy Girl, and then another one that shows our last cardboard house fully decorated for Christmas, with our big box in the background!

Happy viewing!
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