April 29th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Oh lucky you!

There have been a few times lately when certain buns how cast doubt over whether I am the best looking bun in the world... Yes, I know it's ridiculous, but there you go, some buns just do not seem to see what is right in front of their faces, anyway, what I have decided to do to help everybun to see just how good looking I am, is to put some photographs on the web. There are 4 albums, the first one is me (of course), the 2nd one is Flopsy Girl, the 3rd one is me and Flopsy Girl together, and the last one is of our pet 2-foots so you can see what we have to put up with. You can access my photo's at http://community.webshots.com/user/dandybun I hope that you will have a look at them soon, and let me know what you think.
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