May 12th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

I keep my promises

As I promised you yesterday, I have added some new pictures for you to look at. They are in a new album called "reasons to be cheerful". There are pictures of Crazy Uncle Larry, Ricky the Arab, and lots more pictures on me and Flopsy Girl, so I hope that you will all go and have a look. I note with interest that Crazy Uncle Larry has already had a look at the album, and has realised that he can now never go near a rabbit again, as everybun will now know what he looks like.

I understand that my 2-foots are going to the pub to be punished tonight, and apparently, Ricky the Arab is going with them. Maybe he is being punished for wearing stupid clothes (if you look at his picture in my new album you will see what I mean), so obviously, me and Flopsy Girl will need to be on our very worst behaviour while they are out. We have decided to spend today planning how to really excel ourselves this evening when the 2-foots go out...
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