May 17th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Satisfactory all round

Looking back at the weekend, I think I can say quite honestly that it was most satisfactory. It started well with the piece about me in Rabbiting on, we had lots of sunshine, so we could play out in the garden, the food was good, and we got a new toy. Could it be that the 2-foots have finally started to remember some of the training that the hairy mob gave them?... I hope so. It would be nice if we could expect this standard of attention from now on.

Another good thing that happened was the change to our poo corner. We have an area in the corner of the living room where we have our litter tray, and where we partake of our food. To make life more comfortable, we now have a big piece of fluffy stuff called "profleece" in that corner, so that it is far more cosy and nice to sit there, especially since the 2-foots have turned on the white whirly thing that blows a breeze on us.
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