July 2nd, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

I need your ideas

Following on from my journal entry yesterday about the Bunny Camp open day, I could really do with your help. I need some suggestions on what the 2-foots might be able to buy for us. I'm sure that some of the other 2-foots read my journal, and they pass on to our 2-foots what it says (as they are too thick to read it themselves), so I'm sure that they will get to hear about all your suggestions.

The other thing that would be nice, would be if anybun has any ideas on how we could raise money for Bunny Camp. I know that the 2-foots (who are not very intelligent, and find it difficult to think for themselves) always welcome suggestions and new ideas.

Now if everybun chants "toys and treats for Dandy & Flopsy" all day today, there's just a chance that the 2-foots might hear it and remember that they have to buy some for us on Sunday...
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