August 7th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Long hot summer nights

Lat night we were out in the garden until the sun went down, it was really good. There is lots of lush grass and plantains to eat, but even so, when we came back indoors we quickly demolished our basket of veggies. It was REALLY hot indoors last night, even with all the whirly things making a breeze it was... PHEW!

We have decided to let the 2-foots go out today. This is because there is a shop where they buy our treats from that is having a charity day, and one of the charities that they will be helping is Bunny Camp. My 2-foots are taking lots of leaflets from the Rabbit Welfare Association, and stuff about Bunny Camp so that other 2-foots can learn about what happens to them when they are adopted as pets by buns, so if any of you have 2-foots that are in Harrogate today, then send them along to "Posh Paws" where they can receive some valuable training.
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