August 18th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz


As most of you know, I don't do the stairs thing. I don't go up them, I don't go down them. Occasionally, one of the 2-foots will carry me upstairs for some reason that usually makes no sense whatsoever, and this morning was one such occasion.

One thing I have noticed though from the bottom of the stairs, is that there is a window at the top of the stairs. It's an unusual window though, as I've never seen the sun shine through it. Anyway, one of the 2-foots (the one with fur on the top of her head) carried me upstairs this morning, and she held me up to the unusual window so I could look through it, and you will never guess what I saw, THERE WAS ANOTHER 2-FOOT HOLDING A WHITE BUNNY LOOKING RIGHT BACK AT ME!!! The white bunny seemed to be very interested in me, obviously he could see that I am something very special, and that I am very deserving of attention, but what I want to know is, how do I get to him? I need to make sure that I scare him off, I don't want him sniffing round my Flopsy Girl! I mean obviously, he is not as good looking as me, and I could see from the glazed look in his eyes that he is nowhere near as intelligent as I am, but even so, you can't be too careful.
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