September 27th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Calling the Bunny-mint to order

First of all, I am very happy to announce some new appointments.

Buddy - Helf minister. It will be Buddy's job to make sure that we all come up with lists of what the 2-foots need to give us to eat, and to arrange to send any 2-foots to the pub for punishment if they fail.

Casper & Willow - Joint Ministers of channels. As Casper & Willow live on the channel islands, it is obviously very important that the channels get looked after properly, or who knows what might happen?

Meridoe - Special ambassador for Lawn Guyland. Moridoe is also going to hop foe election for pres-i-dent of Lawn Guyland. Me and Flopsy Girl have already voted for her.

Now to business. This is what we need to vote on this week:-

1. Hawthorn proposes that everybun be given greens everyday or someone should get mashed.
2. Merridoe proposes that there should be more raisins for everybun, and the gang at hippityhops have tabled an ammendment suggesting that this should involve craisins too.
3. Chance-seller Flopsy Girl proposes that only doe 2-foots should be allowed to cuddle us, as they are the ones with the soft lumpy bits on their chests that are nice to snuggle in to.

Please could you vote as soon as possible so that we can start enjoying the benefits, or in the case of non-compliance, start mashing & sending to the pub without delay.
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