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September 29th, 2004

Back to business with the Bunny-mint

First of all I would like to thank everybun who supported me against Mayflower after such a totally unprovoked attack. Mayflower is proving to be a right pain in the scutt, but I think that Chance-seller Flopsy girl has come up with a solution that will please everybun, so I would therefore like to announce that Mayflower has been appointed "Leader of the hoppy-sit-on". This is a job that will really suit Mayflower as all the leader of the hoppy-sit-on has to do is to moan about everything that the pry-minister does.

Secondly, time to announce the results of this weeks votes.
The first thing we voted on was whether buns should be given greens every day. This was carried by 6 votes for, and none against, so we can all look forward to lots more nice things to eat from now on.
The next thing was a vote to see if we should have more raisins, and craisins. This was carried by a majority of 6 votes to 1, so if me and Flopsy Girl don't see some soon, we will be sending our 2-foots to the pub for punishment.
The last thing we voted on was whether cuddles should be restricted to doe 2-foots. Well there was a lot of debate about this, as a lot of buns don't like cuddles at all, and others prefer attention from the buck 2-foots. Anyway, the result was that we had 3 votes for, but 5 votes against. I therefore have to announce that this one has been de-feeted (well it will save on cutting claws).

Please do not forget. It is important that you all have a good think so that you can come up with some ideas on things to vote on next week.


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