October 7th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

The poo competition

Good morning readers. You may remember that yesterday, me and Flopsy Girl decided to see who could leave the most sticky squashy poos around for the 2-foots to stand in, well I have to say, that best girl of mine gets the prize! Not only did she do the most, but she did one that the 2-foots didn't see, so when they let the vacuum monster pick all the dust up from the floor, it ran over this particular poo AND SMEARED IT ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! The 2-foot had to get down on his hands & knees & scrub the floor clean, it was hilarious.

We are still deciding what we are going to do today, but we have already chewed up lots of cardboard and spread it around, and are considering weeing in the doorway next.

Just a last word. Nobun has suggested anything to vote on in next weeks Bunny-mint yet. Are you getting bored with it already?
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