October 13th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

This week's votes

Well I left it as late as I could so that everybun would have a chance to vote. It all got a bit confused this week as buns were propsing ammendments all over the place, so to avoid confusion, and so everybun knows exactly what they voted for, I have decided not to count them. If anybun has a problem with this, they can raise it as a new vote for next week. There is one thing that troubles me though. It has been suggested that buns should get one vote per foot. Me and Flopsy Girl do not agree with this as it discriminates againt 3 legged buns, so we will not be putting that to the vote no matter what anybun says.
Anyway, here are the results:-

1. From the Jersey Mob
No 2-foot should be allowed to hug us or to pick us up without permission.
7 votes for, and 1 vote against. So make sure that you make your 2-foots aware of the new rules. I suggest you bite them if they try to break the rules until they get the hint.

2. From the Gower Bunn Gang
No 2-foot is to be allowed to go out unless they leave food for us first.
8 votes for and none against, so if your 2-foots do this then they MUST be sent the the pub for punishment.

3. From Merridoe
No claw clipping is to be allowed as we need them for digging and destroying things
7 votes for and 1 vote against. If a 2-foot tries to clip your claws then bite them on the nose.

4. From Brambles Pack
As Hop now wears a red bandage, then Hop should be officially re-named "Santa's Little Helper"
7 votes for and 2 votes against. How do you like your new name Santa's little helper?

5. From Mayflower
Each and every bun should be allowed a vote. So far it seems that each group of buns has been getting together and voting just once.
6 votes for and none against, so from now on, each and every bun can vote. This will also mean of course that me and Flopsy Girl will start voting, as we have not voted so far as we believed that it should be all of you out there that made the decisions.

6. From Melster
Spirit buns should get 2 votes as they have lead two separate lives.
5 votes for and 2 against. This means that all spirit buns can vote twice, but as Melster has already pointed out, it may well be that the 2 votes cancel each other out if a spirit bun votes once as they would have done when they were alive, and for their second vote they have changed their opinion as they now think they know better now than they did before.

So there we have it, more good stuff from everybun. Don't forget, if you want to follow up on any of the failed amendments, you can raise them as something new to vote on for next week.
I'm going to start you all off though by developing an idea that came from Brambles Pack. Instead of giving spirit buns 2 votes, let them have thier own say in things by taking a second look at all the things the rest of us are voting on. The 2-foots have a similar system, they call it an "upper chamber". Well anything they can do we can do better. As the Bunny-mint cardboard house has 2 floors, we'll call the top floor the Upperty eared chamber. I'll have a long talk with Flopsy Girl and we will make the proposal formally on Monday, along with anything new that anybun else suggests to vote on.
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