October 19th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

Flopsy in a sulk

So what have I done now you may ask? Well nothing that's what! It's not stopped Flopsy Girl from going into a sulk though. As you know, my best girl was very ill a little while ago, so now she has to take medicine twice a day every day. It's not so bad for her though, as it's not nasty medicine, and straight away afterwards, treats are brought out... but you see... there's the problem...

When the treats are brought out, there's always enough for both of us, so I join in... What's wrong with that you may well ask? Well Flopsy Girl has got it into her head that as she is the only one having the medicine, then she should be the only one having the treats! I mean! IS THAT FAIR? I always save all kinds of nice things for Flopsy Girl, and I spend almost all of every day looking after her and giving her licks & stuff, so a bit of bread stick and a few leaves of basil are not much to ask are they?
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