October 29th, 2004

dandy and flopsy


As we are very important buns, we have our own chair. We often sit on it to watch the world go by, and I have to say that it is very comfortable. Our chair is covered in soft fleecy blankets with paw patterns on them, so no 2-foot can be in any doubt that it is the most important chair in the house i.e. OURS!

Every so often, the 2-foots decide to wash our blankets, so they cover our chair with towels. Although the towels are not as soft and fluffy as the blankets, they are a LOT more fun!!! Wen you dig at them, they scrunch up so you can bite them and REALLY annoy the 2-foots! We spent AGES this morning scrunching them up, then the 2-foots would straighten them out, so we would scrunch them up again, and so on!!!

Don't you just LOVE annoying 2-foots?
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