November 4th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

The vacuum monster

It's too much... It really is!!!

There is one time of day that I REALLY do not like. That is when the vacuum monster comes out for it's daily exercise. Now I know that one of the 2-foots always keeps hold of it's tail so it can't get too near us, BUT IT HAS STARTED EATING OUR FOOD!!!

Yesterday, I took a particularly nice piece of toast that I had chosen specially, and I hid it in the corner for later on, but when the vacuum monster came out, it found it and ate it WHAT CHEEK! Not only that, but it usually steals any hay that it finds on the floor, and yesterday, it ate one of Flopsy Girl's cecals.

This simply has to stop. I don't mind it eating the 2-foots food, but when it starts eating ours, then something has to be done.
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