November 6th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

High & Mighty

As many of you, in fact all of you are aware, although I am the worlds most talentented, handsome, and modest bun, and on top of this incredibly brave, there is one thing that I don't like too much, and that is being up high. Consequently, I don't use the stairs, or climb very much, so I am horrified at the new spot that Flopsy Girl has chosen to relax.

As I have said before, we have our very own chair. It is the most comfortable chair in the house, it is in the best position, and what's more it's covered with lots of really snug blankets, but imagine my horror when Flopsy Girl jumped up from the chair seat and made herself comfortable on the chair back! IT'S MILES HIGH!!! All Flopsy Girl could say was that I should try it as it's really soft and snug, and that you can see for miles...

I think I will just have to take her word for it...
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