November 8th, 2004

Arwen and Fizz

The Bunny-mint is back in business

Well my friends. Now that we have got the election across the pond out of the way, and Merry has been elected Pres-I-dent we can get back to our important work. Here are this weeks things to vote on:-

1. From Elderberry - We propose that each and everybun gets given a double bed. This is great as then we can organize a great bed race and award medals for the best....

2. From Merry - I hate the Vacuum Monster, too! The 2-foot I call Mom doesn't let it out for exercise every day, but it's definitely mean! And sometimes it comes near me! I get ready to pounce and save Mom, but then I get worried it might eat me and I run to hide. I propose a ban on these Monsters! They eat our food! The one in our burrow always takes nice bits of hay I'm hiding!

3. From Pry-Minister Dandy - It is now starting to get colder and colder. Our pet 2-foots only think of themselves when they are working the big white thing that keeps the house warm. I propose that the 2-foots should switch on the big white thing and leave it on all the time, that way everybun will stay warm all of the time.

4. From Chance-Seller Flopsy Girl - Every morning, the 2-foots cover themselves in smelly stuff so that you can't smell their proper smell. I propose that this smelly stuff should be banned!

I must say that I am disappointed that we have so few ideas, ESPECIALLY when we voted last week that each group of buns should come up with a new idea every week, still... You have 4 things to vote on. We will count the votes in two days time as usual.
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