July 27th, 2005

Arwen and Fizz

More about my new office

I recently told you all about my new office, and published a picture for you all to see. I am considering what would be suitable as decorations for it. So you will know what some of the things I am considering as likely candidates, I will be adding a new feature to Bunny Camp News. Each month, I will have a picture which will go under a section called "Bunny Art". I already have some pictures, but if anybun (or their 2-foots) would like to send me any pictures, then I would be more than happy to put them in Bunny Camp News (Merridoe's 2-foot please take note).

On another subject, I am becoming increasingly annoyed with Millie. She always seems to get the biggest share of the pour-ridge-oats that we have for breakfast. I have excellent table manners, but she just gobbles everything up so quickly that nobun else can get a look in!
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