August 4th, 2005

Arwen and Fizz

Ongoing plans

I am still in the planning stages of the next stage of the Bunny-Mint. I have decided though that for a start, we need a new Bunny-Mint Building. I have identified the kind of thing we need, and left a picture of it on the computer, so hopefully the 2-foots will take the hint and get me the materials I need to build a splendid new headquarters.

It would seem that you all think that if I write a book, I should make up a story. That makes sense, as you can read about my real life with Millie and the 2-foots in my journal.

I will have to start planning what the story should be about, but what with planning the Bunny-Mint building, and all the changes we need to make, it is going to be a long job!
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