September 4th, 2005

Arwen and Fizz

and I thought yesterday was good

We spent ALL DAY IN THE GARDEN!!! we ate, and ate, and ate. There are carrots growing, and parsley, and allsorts!!! There is so much to eat, and only one day to stuff it all in. There are places to hide, and places to run, there are places to shelter from the sun, and places to sunbathe. We didn't come in until the sun started to go down, but a hearty meal made up for the inconvenience of having to go indoors. Just one thing though, the 2-foots seen to have gone all red
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Arwen and Fizz

Oh I nearly Forgot

What with all the excitement, I nearly forgot. Some of you have been asking about my first book. Well it's based on the first year of my journal. It's full of good stuff and there are lots of pictures of me, Flopsy Girl, and our friends. If anybun would like a copy on disc (it's in word format) all I ask is that you send me a small donation for Bunny Camp, and I will send you a copy.