January 16th, 2006

Arwen and Fizz

Chart Update

Here is the latest update on the Bunny Tunes chart.

1. Can I have my bunny back
2. Over the garden
3. Bunderful tonight
= Merry's song
= Casper's colours
= Nobody's bun
7. Bunaway
= Do a binkie
9. Bunnies bring me love
= Here runs the bun
= Bunny
12.Hoppin' all over the world
= Munchin' flowers
= Let's dig together
= Hare
= Salad today

Can I have my bunny back is still way out in front, with Over the garden just hanging on to the number 2 spot. Nobody's bun continues to climb.

Just an extra note to Princess Taz, you C.D. and books are on their way to you.
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    Can I have my bunny back