April 1st, 2006

Arwen and Fizz


Last night, there was a HUGE explosion, the like of which I have NEVER heard before. It came from the backside of our pet 2-foot (the one with no fur on the top of his head).

He was sat on that tall litter tray that they have, and he was moaning, and making all kinds of strange noises, I have never experienced anything like it. Anyway, he seems to be alright this morning as he delivered our breakfasts on time (a big sprig of mint and some thyme - NICE!) Serves him right for eating all that awful smelly food. Last night, he had something really odd called ricepudding. It was just a glop of goo, so what does he expect for frith's sake!
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    Here runs the bun (away from the smell)
Arwen and Fizz

Making plans

Last year, Dandy, Millie, and Merridoe instructed their 2-foots to make the Bunny Tunes C.D. in time for Chris-Moose. Well I think that we should do Bunny Tunes 2 in time for next Chris-Moose.

I know that Chris-Moose is a long way away, but you know how pathetic 2-foots are, they will need plenty of time to do another one, particularly as the first one was so good.

If your pet 2-foots can sing, or play something, or if they know any 2-foots who can, then maybe they would like to be on it. Also, it would help a lot if you could come up with any songs for our 2-foot to record.

I have had a couple of ideas so far, and Millie seems to like them, so I intend to make our 2-foot start working on them soon.

Can you help?