December 25th, 2006

Arwen and Fizz

The Chris-Moose Chart

Well Here it is... The moment that you have all been waiting for... The one and only special Chris-Moose chart!

Thank you to everybun that voted, and an special thank you to the Hare-Um who tried to vote twice, and for two entirely different songs!

I'm not going to leave you a special Chris-Moose message. I was trying to think of what I would write, when Dandy (who can always be relied upon to have an opinion on everything) left his Chris-Moose message rainbowchamber So I will just leave that side of things to him, and I will let Millie tell you all about our presents, so FINALLY, here we go with the chart.

1 Dandy the red eyed bunny ( 13 votes) from Maddie, Wilma, Bonnie, Dilly, Tilly, Iona, Doris, Jinty, Jezebel, Delilah, Snowball, Darcey, Bnji
2 Merry Chris-Moose everybun ( 9 votes) from Jazz, Ollie, Hafwen, Jacinda, Jacinda's daughter, Bailey, Harvey, Jessica
3 Now rest you little bunnies ( 9 votes) from Millie, Cedric, Loopy, Dandy. Flopsy. Blackberry, Smudge, Claudia, Claudine
4 The Twelve Days of Chris-Moose ( 7 votes) from The Jetty Clan, Balthazar, Grenville
5 Bunnies all run ( 4 votes) from Friska, Joey, Goldilocks, Marigold
6 White bunny ( 4 votes) from Ringo, Gregoria's Orphans, Inga, Una
7 Winter wonderland ( 4 votes) from the Hare-Um
8 Hoppin' around the Chris-Moose tree ( 3 votes) from Fern, Rosemary, Lucky
9 Bunny bells ( 2 votes) from Star, Sweetpea
10 Bunny Chris-Moose dreams ( 1 votes) from Giles
11 Welcome Chris-Moose hay ( 0 votes)
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    Dandy the red eyed bunny