December 29th, 2006

Arwen and Fizz

The Curse of the 25 foot needle!

The indignity of it! I mean, the whole plan was just to go and wish Auntie Francis (the best bunny vet in the world) the complements of the season, and to give her a copy of bunny tunes 2 as a Chris-Moose present, and I DID agree it's true to be subjected to the 25 foot needle, as there is rather a lot of mixing-my-toe-sis around at the moment, but imagine my horror when she wrapped me in a towel and started shoving things in my ear, up my nose, and in my mouth! Still, I suppose she had her reasons. She also put some stuff at the back of my neck, just where I can't reach it to lick it off, TYPICAL!

Anyway, the good news is that she seemed pleased with both me and Millie, and she didn't seem bothered that I have put a bit of weight on, she said it just goes to show how underfed I was before I came to live with Millie (I could have told her that!)

Before I go, just a quick reminder. You can now vote for your favourite again for the normal Bunny Tunes Chart. It will be out on Monday as usual.
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