January 5th, 2007

Arwen and Fizz

Bye-Bye Chris-Moose Tree

The Chris Moose Tree is no more, it is deceased, it has passed on, it has joined the Choir in-visi-bule and gone to meet it's maker, it's an ex-Chris-Moose tree... Actually, it's just gone back in it's box and been put away for next Chris-Moose, but I was feeling so inspired I just had to carry on.

I asked Millie about it, and she said that the same thing happened last Chris-Moose, and that I shouldn't worry, as it's sure to be back next Chris-Moose. It's funny though, the burrow looks somehow bare without the Chris-Moose tree and all your cards, though we are having fun digging in them all and nibbling them.
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