March 6th, 2007

Arwen and Fizz

Dick Turpin, an in-vest-ee-gate-shun by agent 0014

jettychops wrote in his journal that he needed to discover more about Dick Turpin. After hex-ten-sive ree-surch this is what I have found out.

Dick Turpin is believed to reside in a place called Coronation Street in Weatherfield. Although Dick Turpin is never actually seen there himself, his doe Betty Turpin works in the pub which is called the Rovers Return. She takes perfectly good veggies and turns them into a disgusting concoction called HotPot. It is also believed that Dick Turpin is a thief. I therefore conclude that Dick Turpin steals veggies, and that his doe Betty hides the fact by disguising them as HotPot.

All agents should be on the lookout for Dick Turpin in case he tries to steal your veggies.

Agent 0014 over and out
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