August 1st, 2007

Arwen and Fizz


I know that sometimes I go on at length about the horrible food that the 2-foots eat, but tonight it was exceptionally bad. The one with no fur on the top of his head made so much smoke in the kit-chin that an alarm thing at the top of the stairs kept making a horrible screeching noise, but worse, yes much worse was the smell he made. He was cooking Phisch.

Phisch is smelly slimy stuff. There are different kinds of phisch. Tonight, he cooked sah-moon and skoll-ups. he then ruined some veggies called sparry-gus by making them hot, and did the same with some po-tay-toes.

The most amazing thing of all though is that not only did the 2-foots eat this muck, but they actually said that they enjoyed it!

Give me a few pellets and a nice carrot any day of the week... although... if you could also add some broccoli... and some cabbage... and perhaps a little, not make that a lot of Lollo Rosso... some parsley... some mint... a couple of rings of dried pineapple, and you have just about enough to make a nice starter...
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    Carrots are lovely to chew