September 1st, 2007

Arwen and Fizz

A bit concerned

I'm a bit concerned. Millie just told me that she overheard the 2-foots saying that they are going to take all of the wallpaper off the walls in the living room, and replace it with new stuff.

This is serious. I like the taste of the wallpaper we have now, suppose the new wallpaper doesn't taste as nice?
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Arwen and Fizz

You know sometimes I'd swear that they understand every word I say!

Sometimes the 2-foots amaze me, and I mean in a good way. Just occasionally you would swear that they have some awareness of what's going on around them!

Take tonight for instance. The 2-foots were out this afternoon, and Millie said to me "Cedric, I don't feel well. I feel all blown up and I'm not hungry". Now anybun who knows Millie would know that this is serious, I mean she's ALWAYS hungry. Anyway, she went off to lie in a quiet corner, but didn't get any better, so as you can imagine, I was quite worried, so I sat by the door waiting for the 2-foots to come home. Now I knew that I couldn't talk to them as they don't understand our language, but I just hoped that somehow I could communicate with them, and do you know what? As soon as they came in they realised that something was wrong. I hopped to where Millie was, and they picked her up and gave her some of that infacol meddy-sin, and within a couple of hours, she was fine again.

Do you think that the 2-foots actually understood me, or was it just chance?
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